Krista Holly is an author and sarcastic unknown comedian (according to her family) based in Greenville, SC. She’s known for tugging heart strings and leaving you satisfied with a love story that feels real.   Her characters are the down to earth, rambunctious teenagers and young adults experiencing life, making mistakes and memories, trying to figure out if playing it safe or risking it all is worth it. If you love angsty, heartfelt reads, her books are where you can find it.

A business degree major from a small college didn’t stop her from pursuing the unknown. Krista believes her roots are what gave her feathers. She’s always been a writer and loved the creative arts. Her maternal grandmother kept a notebook by her chair for whenever the mood to write struck, instilling that habit in Krista to this day. She hasn’t left the house without a notebook within reach. She has always felt drawn to the romantic aspect of life, hopelessly so. One day a story would not leave her head. After daydreaming about it all day she opened her laptop that evening, and the rest was history. She wrote all night, realizing that she loved it so much, it didn’t matter what anyone else’s opinion was. She never had any plans to publish but after a friend read a few chapters, she was convinced to just try, and the rush of it all would never be forgotten. A hopeless romantic at heart, striving to let the characters flaws flourish and the couples conquer their struggles.

When she’s not working and writing, she can be found reading, working out at the gym, or hanging with family and friends and her 90-pound white buffalo/unicorn, aka her dog. She loves live sporting events, music, weekend trips with the girls, game nights with friends and family, and a nice Stillhouse Whiskey Peach Don’t Kill My Vibe. 

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